Spring Is the Season of Scarves

Scarves That Fit In Your Authentic Designer Handbag While we know that you have come to associate the SoRefined name with authentic handbags and brand name purses, there is so much more to our site than that. And with everyone finally settling into the sunny weather and cool breezes, we thought it time to highlight our incredibly chic scarf selection.

With its tendency to alternate between incredible heat and chilly breezes, spring can generally be a tough season to dress for, but it does lend itself perfectly to the scarf. Light, airy and easily tucked into even the smallest of designer handbags, scarves are the perfect weapon against these sometimes unexpected breezes. Additionally, they provide women with the easiest way to take an outfit from casual to trendy and classy in under a minute. By throwing a super chic scarf into your bag and pulling it out when your dinner plans arrive, you are transforming even the most basic jeans and tee into a bona fide fashion statement.

What’s more? The stylistic options for scarf wearing are practically endless. You literally can work these versatile pieces into any shape you can image. They can work as a wrap, a cover for your hair and in place of a necklace. They can be bold and make a statement, or play it a little safer with muted colors and nearly see-through material. The point is, they can be anything you need them to. What other accessory can boast that?

Lady and the Tramp? Hide the Tramp in a Designer Bag

As modern women, we are a multifaceted group. Our lives are a series of contradictions. The image we project at the office is often worlds away from the gal we are off the clock. We take our reputations seriously and would be greatly disturbed if some of our true interests were out there on display. We do not always have time to stop at home to change from work attire to play clothes. Therefore, having an authentic handbag that is big enough to conceal the tramp in us while we behave like a lady is crucial for any modern woman.

Authentic Designer Handbags Are Perfect For Concealing:

  1. Your Pole Dancing Outfits and Equipment: Before you scoff, more and more women are jumping on the S Factor bandwagon and pole dancing their way into a toned body. That said, you might not want your coworkers eyeing your dancing shorts all day long!
  2. Tomorrow’s Clothing Choices: Whether it be because an outbreak of bed bugs has hit your apartment, or you think tonight might be an overnight date with the lovely gentleman you have been seeing, there are times when a woman needs to carry tomorrow’s clothing today. Again, not something you want to have to explain.
  3. Morning Sickness Supplies: At some point you will have to come clean and announce to the office that you are about to be a Mommy. In the beginning, however, many women choose to keep it under wraps. Calm your tummy without drawing unwanted attention.

Don’t Be a Mean Girl! Donate Your Used Bag

Being the trendsetter that you are and carrying a brand name handbag sets you apart from the rest. It imbues you with instant fashion cred that inspires admiring glances from those who pass by. Sadly, it can also throw you into the stereotypical “Mean Girl” category. Those without tend to glare disapproving at you, out of envy no doubt, and automatically assume you could have walked right off the Mean Girls set. We all want to be fashionistas, but no one wants to garner such a sad label.

What can you do about it? The easiest way to dispel the Mean Girl notion is to donate your used, authentic designer handbag when you upgrade to a newer version. As trendsetters, we know you want the latest and greatest in brand name bags. You have bookmarked our site, and others, to keep on top of what your favorite designers are doing and what is being put out next. You would no more wear last season’s designer bag as you would wear yesterday’s underwear!

We respect that. In fact, we admire it. But, what to do with bags from three seasons ago? Surely you are not going to wear them again. Why not donate them? This gives those who might not be able to afford such a luxurious accessory the chance to feel what it is like to bathe in style. But, even better, your generously good deed will pull you right out of the Mean Girls category.

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Traveling Is No Excuse To Look Harried

One of the great mysteries of life is how celebrities manage to look like they got a solid eight hours of sleep and had two hours of primping time before stepping off a cross-continent flight. While most of us exit flights and race through the airport looking more like Ugly Betty than Victoria Beckham, these starlets emerge looking well rested and excellently coifed. How do they do it?

While we cannot fully explain the phenomenon (although, likely it involves an entire team of professionals), we do know that a lot of the “WOW factor” has to do with stylish luggage and brand name handbags. First of all, you almost never see these people waiting for luggage. This is because they have a team to do this, but also because they carry stylish, yet roomy, designer handbags and luggage tote on board with them.

That, we think, is the key. You need to bring a luggage tote that is big enough to fit the traveling essentials, a change of clothes (in case your real luggage gets lost in the shuffle) and a good book. That said, you never see Kate Hudson or Naomi Watts with a duffel bag slung over their shoulders. More often, you see them carrying something akin to a large Celine Luggage Tote.

These authentic handbags give you enough pockets to differentiate what you need now from what you need later and expand and contract to house all your belongings. But, most importantly, they look stylish from takeoff to landing.

Investment or Frivolity?

No one is denying the fact that authentic designer handbags are pricey. For many, the idea of dropping thousands of dollars on a purse seems senseless and absurd. Why would anyone in their right mind spend that kind of cash on an accessory?

While there is merit to the question, the other side of the coin is equally valid. The reasons why investing in a designer handbag is actually a solid financial move are more than you might think. Read on, and you might be surprised.

Why Designer Handbags Are Worth Every Cent:

  1. Designer handbags are made better than their cheaper counterparts. That twenty dollar bag you bought probably will not see you past this season, let alone the month. The designer bag you bought last year is likely to still be in mint condition. The price you pay takes the fact that these bags last for years, and often have warranties, into consideration. So should you.
  2. It is a known fact that the more you spend on something, the more you care for it. This means spending thousands of dollars on an authentic Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag ensures that you will show it extra care. Therefore, it will last longer.
  3. Lastly, consider the resale value. After owning and loving your designer bag for years, you might decide to sell it. Assuming you have cared for the bag properly, you can often resell it for up to 80% of the original price. Thereby earning your money back.

Points noted and taken.

Retail Therapy Is Legit

Everyone has heard the excuse, and many have used it themselves. “I am treating myself to some retail therapy after a horrible week.” While most readily accept the concept as commonplace, new research shows buying that authentic handbag is actually good for your health! This is great news for everyone who has been using the excuse for years, and secretly feeling badly about it afterwards. The guilt is banished!

Studies have shown that shopping is not just about materialism and vanity, it is actually good for your mental and physical health. Shopping releases mood lifting endorphins, boosts your immune system, keeps your brain nimble and even fulfills basic social needs. In fact, in a paper published last year, researchers at the UK’s Brunel University noted that shopping is associated with increased activity in the left prefrontal cortex–the part of the brain associated with pleasure and positive thinking. Even window shopping produced alarming increases in dopamine (released during pleasurable activities) levels!

Shoppers everywhere have been vindicated in their search for the perfect designer handbag. Obviously, the key is to avoid excessive use. But, barring driving yourself into bankruptcy, shopping has finally been proven to be good for you. The only downside? It does not have the same effect on those who dread the activity and, therefore, cannot be used to drag your parents or less than enthusiastic partner to the mall.

Best Ways to Wear a Scarf

Just like there is no one way to eat a Reese’s peanut butter cup, there is no one way to wear a scarf. Scarves can be worn for a number of different reasons. Whether it be for fashion, part of your religion, or simply because it’s too darn cold out! We’ve listed a few different options on how to wear a scarf during the winter and summer months.

  • Scarves During the Summer: Many people wear scarves during the warmer months as a fashion accessory. Scarves can help to liven up most outfits. If you’re wearing shorts, try hanging a long scarf around your neck. Also, look into wearing an infinity scarf so it fits in a circle around your neck. These are two great summertime looks.
  • Scarves During the Winter: What’s that? Scarves actually serve a purpose besides fashion? Yes, scarves can help you to keep your throat and neck warm during the colder months. This is especially important if you’re a singer and you want to protect your voice. Make sure that your scarf is a heavy material such as fleece or wool. In order to double up on the fabric and stay warmer, you can fold your scarf in half when you wrap it around your neck. You can also wear it like a tie, so that you cover all the exposed areas of your neck.

Hopefully this sparked your interest in scarves. We offer a nice selection of scarves and various fashion accessories through our website.

From the Office to the Lounge

Work takes up more of our waking hours than almost any other activity. In the past, there used to be a decompression period between work and play. Not as likely anymore. Today’s fashionable businesswoman is often running straight from the office, or a meeting with a client, to her evening activities. Therefore, she needs an authentic handbag that is able to fit in equally as well in an office setting as in a lounge environment. Everything she needs for her day at work has to fit in her bag, while still leaving room for some makeup, an extra pair of heels and a phone charger (at least).

Thankfully, today’s designers have taken note of these needs and have created incredibly luxury brand name handbags that easily transform from a briefcase to a handbag. Many of these bags are large enough for you to throw in a change of clothes and a toothbrush, if need be. One such bag is the Celine Phantom Tote. This ingenious bag is built with expanding side panels allowing you to fit as much or as little as you need. Its versatile design makes it a must have for the woman on the go.

The bottom line is this: long work hours are no excuse for carrying a drab bag. Especially not with the options currently available.

The Real Price of Knockoffs

The fact that authentic handbags are costly items is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a secret. These bags can run well into the thousands. And, while the benefits of having a bag that will actually last more than a single season are obvious, many people still wonder if it is really that bad to buy the cheaper knockoffs. This is nothing new. For as long as goods have been produced, counterfeits have popped up soon after. Today, though, the situation has reached new heights. The counterfeit industry is raking in billions of dollars. Worse yet, consumers feel little to no remorse. After all, they say, why not save money when given the opportunity?

So, is it really that bad? It might be if you think about it this way. The average American man or woman is generally opposed to stealing. It simply would not occur to them to walk into the nearest department store and walk out with something they have not paid for. Or, if it does, the urge is tempered by their conscience. Buying counterfeit brand name purses is no different. These knockoff producers are stealing the name and brand from the company. And, by purchasing them, you are supporting this. Therefore, every time the thought of, “Is it really that bad to buy a knockoff” occurs to you, try asking yourself, “Is stealing really that wrong?”

See where that lands you on the acceptance spectrum.